Diagnostics Includes: FREE -unless computer is not repairable then $30.00 for diagnostics (drop off only)
Computer Repair - Starts at $55.00
Computer Repair Includes:
Reinstalling Windows Apple OS, Linux
Installing drivers, other software
Replacement of computer hardware parts
Upgrading memory
Laptop Screen replacement - Keyboard Replacement Laptop DC Jack Repair
Forgot your password - logon password reset
If you do not see service on list call.
*Cost of parts are not included and must be paid immediately $55.00 per hour (drop off only) on-site $60.00 per hour

Malware & Virus Removal

Quick Computer Clean flat $60.00
Identify & remove spyware, malware and virus
Remove Temporary Files
Update existing virus-malware programs
Update Windows
Clean up boot up files
Remove unwanted programs
Intensive Computer Clean flat $90.00
Identify and remove: Virus, Malware and Spyware
Insure all Virus Malware programs are installed
Remove junk-ware programs
Removal of all programs and files
Remove Temporary Files
Update existing virus-malware programs
Clean up boot up files
Remove unwanted programs

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Computer Networking Wireless Setup includes:
Networking can be daunting but with our expert technicians we will Set up and configure your network with file sharing for printers, PCs and other network devices.
WIFI Networking for Computer desktops - laptops -tablets -cell phones
Set up hardware and software *
Setting up a Firewall and security
Setting up file/printer sharing
*Run Computer Network cables

* Additional cost for parts could include router, cables, wireless or network adapter or repair of Windows damaged files or program damaged files.

Speed Up Computer - Performance

Computer Clean flat $60.00 -$90.00
Clearing out All Temporary files including backend Temporary files
Removing spyware (free software included)
Detect and remove Malware-Worms-Trojans, spyware Virus software installation and scan
Updating current anti-virus definitions and software
Clearing out Start-up files, check/remove windows errors.
Windows updates -auto set and up to date
Registry clean and defrag, Defrag Computer System
Remove dust from inside computer
Install additional memory (memory card not included)
Repair any hard disk errors
Simple maintenance training

This service will improve performance and increase speed up to 25%, we will identify and remove existing spyware, malware, Trojan horses, and viruses, optimizes your PC to ensure your system running at peak performance. With general maintenance you can increase the life of your computer. 2-3 years

Data Transfer-Recovery

$50.00 /hr Backing up Data is the first step in saving your files.
We will transfer of data from an old computer to a new one or from a crashed drive, whatever the reason we can transfer all your data to its new location. (New computer, External Hard drive, USB Stick, or via the cloud) pictures, documents, accounting, contacts, other settings.
$50.00 /hr Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible for any reason. For severely damaged hard drives you may need to use outside source. Pricing: includes recovery of deleted files, lost files, converted files
Data recovery chances depend much on the actual cause of data loss and further user's actions. To get maximum data recovery result it's strongly recommended to stop any write access to the storage and run data recovery software immediately.
Severely damaged hard drives would include: Hard drive pin broken, hard drive does not turn on at all, multitude of bad sectors, flood damage, severe electrical serge, these are just examples of drives that need a highly trained data recovery service.

More services

Cost depends on service ($55-$65)
Remote Computer Repair -Connect computer remotely
Computer Upgrade-Setup
Cable Installation - Network - TV
Website Design

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If you do not see a computer repair service above, please call us.

Not all computer services are listed above, we handle both Windows based machines and Apple Mac Machines. We work on Desktops and laptops.