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Backing up Data is the first step in saving your files.

Data Transfer  Check specials for discounts

We will transfer of data from an old computer to a new one or from a crashed drive, whatever the reason we can transfer all your data to its new location. (New computer, External Hard drive, USB Stick, or via the cloud)  pictures, documents, accounting, contacts, other settings.

$45.00 - first 40 gig  - every additional 20 gig is $20.00



Data recovery
 Data recovery is the process of restoring data that has been lost, accidentally deleted, corrupted or made inaccessible for any reason. For severely damaged hard drives SEE BELOW

Pricing:  includes recovery of deleted files, lost files, converted files

We can in most cases recover: 
 ● Deleted files    
 ● Corrupt operating system    
 ● Disk file structure damage or errors

$50.00 /hr

Fortunately, the information that still remains on the storage can be recovered to a safe location. Computer Recovery chances depend much on the data loss situation itself, but you should take into account that no information is recoverable after overwriting. For this reason you should never write anything to the storage until the last file is recovered.

Data recovery chances depend much on the actual cause of data loss and further user's actions. To get maximum data recovery result it's strongly recommended to stop any write access to the storage and run data recovery software immediately.

Severely damaged hard drives would include: Hard drive pin broken, hard drive does not turn on at all, multitude of bad sectors, flood damage, severe electrical serge, these are just examples of drives that need a highly trained data recovery service.  Click here for more information on our recommended data recovery service.

If we determine you need a specialized data recovery - we supply an advance hard drive recovery service. . Free evaluation from a HIPAA Trained and Certified Technician.

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