Computer Maintenance Speed up your PC


General computer Tune-up Includes:  $60.00  See specials

  • Clearing out All Temporary files
  • Free antivirus, malware and cleaner installed
  • Removing unnecessary system files and startup programs
  • Windows errors, System & Registry Defrag
  • Windows definitions up to date
  • Simple maintenance training
    Speed up that computer now!

    Heavily infections of Malware and Virus removal not included

    Security violation is the biggest threat to all PC Owners, Over 80% of all system failures and data loss is due to malware and virus spyware, Junkware . Immediate removal and prevention is the key to saving your PC now and preventing any further infections.


  • Intensive Computer Clean Includes:  $99.99

    See specials

  • Clearing out All Temporary files including backend Temporary files
  • Removing spyware (free software included)
  • Detect and remove Malware-Worms-Trojans, spyware
  • Virus software installation and scan
  • Updating current anti-virus definitions and software
         (Home users the antivirus software is free)
  • Clearing out Start-up files, check/remove windows errors.
  • Windows updates -auto set and up to date
  • Registry clean and defrag, Defrag Computer System
  • Remove dust from inside computer
  • Install additional memory (memory card not included)
  • Repair any hard disk errors
  • Simple maintenance training

  • This service will improve performance and increase speed up to 25%, we will identify and remove existing spyware, malware, Trojan horses, and viruses, optimizes your PC to ensure your system running at peak performance. With general maintenance you can increase the life of your computer. 2-3 years

    See our tips on what exactly malware - virus are and how to help prevent future security violations

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