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 CJ Tech 3-Outlet USB Wall Tap with 2 USB Ports   

WHERE IS MY CHARGER...Never Freak out again.

If your house hold is like mine you can never find the cell phone wall charger.  You have cables all over the place but no where to plug them in.  This will solve the problem no more searching for the USB Charger.  They sell these everywhere, and they are easy to install.  At Walmart they are $9.99  CJ Tech 3-Outlet USB Wall Tap with 2 USB Ports, 2.1 Amps and 1 Phone Holder, 300 Joules.  They have them at other stores as well like Home Depot, Lowes.

This three-outlet, two USB 2.1 wall tap, can connect up to two tablets, phones, MP3 players or eReaders with the two USB 2.1 ports. And your devices are safe with 300 joules of surge protection.





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