ALL IN ONE COMPUTER Virus-Malware tips

   ●  Stop Virus or Malware from ever getting on your machine (Stop computer infections).

Remove virus and removal of malware.
 3 simple tips for 95% proven results
 1. Run    Ccleaner  every time YOU exit the internet.
 2. Run   Malwarebytes  once a week.
 3. NEVER click on a window that pops-up. USE ALT-F4 to close.


Never click on unwanted popups       Do not close the unwanted popup window with X  
       (which by the way gives them the right to install unwanted software)
       Alt-F4 - closes current window open.     If that doesn't work then
        Right click on your bottom task bar go to task manager,  
        under applications select popup, click end task.

    ●   Alt-F5  - Refreshes current window

    ●   Windows key   and D - Shows desktop

Where should I go to remove a program from my computer?
The right way to remove a program is to go to the control panel and choose programs and features, If you do not remove un-wanted software like this, junk files will be left behind and can cause problems on your computer.

What is the best way to shut down a computer?
You need to go to the start menu to shut down your computer. This will give the computer a chance to pack everything away. If you press the start button in for 5 seconds, the computer rushes to pack everything away in 5 seconds. Its like leaving the house in a hurry. You usually forget

 I have been testing this for 2 years now on 2 different machines with 2 different operating systems.  Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  On windows 7 I use this machine 8-10 hours a day and 95% on the internet.  Several times I have gotten pop-ups just clicked Alt-F4 to close it.   On the Vista machine I stream movies, music, use Facebook and research.
On either machine I have never had to do a intensive clean to remove virus or malware.


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