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Windows 8.1 Boot to the Desktop in Windows

task manager propertiesGo to the Desktop and right click on the taskbar (or tap and hold). In the popup menu, click or tap Properties.

 navigation button

Then click on the Navigation tab and check mark -  Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in.  (wording might be slightly different depending on version of windows 8 you have see below)

change windows 8 to desktop on bootup

Then click OK and the next time you log in it will go to the desktop.

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8 users - ok to upgrade
    Ok if you have Windows 8 I would recommend upgrading now as I see many improvements to the upgrade over Windows 8.  Please be careful and people using HP products wait a few more months as Windows 10 is having issues with HP laptops.

    1. Return of the start menu
    2. Personalization and cross-platform compatibility
    3. Multiple Desktops
    4. Huge improvement in Browser
    There are many bug fixes as well,  Windows 10 is a more classic Operating System
  • Windows 10 update - Ok the update went well, however, it did not fix the issues on this machine I am testing. Also, I mentioned malware thru the new browsers-edge, Still the same not caching simple malware. One more thing since the upgrade is gradually being released and the deadline is in July. I would recommend not to upgrade until End of May beginning of June. Be sure to check the main page for all updates
  • Windows released a major update Tuesday 10th, to fix the many flaws...At least one of the dozen patches Microsoft issued this week is already being exploited by hackers. This one is a critical fix for a Microsoft graphics program. Another patch, Microsoft's 100th patch for the year so far, fixes known vulnerabilities in Windows Media Player.

    In the meantime, other patches were issued for Microsoft's old but still widely used Web browser, Internet Explorer. Another patch is a fix for IE's replacement browser, Microsoft Edge.
    I will be INSTALLING THE UPDATE TODAY and posting here the results.... please keep checking this.

    Update on Windows 10 Subscription

    Windows 10 is it subscription or not!
    Well after many forums and blogs that I have read, NO it is not subscription based for any machine except volume discounts for corporations. So what is the catch well here is how I see it. Windows 10 will force updates (no option on this), which means eventually your #computers-hardware will not be able to handle the Windows 10. This is a lot of power for Microsoft, will my computer be obsolete in 3-4 years instead of 5-7 years, because it can not handle the updates from Windows 10, or how about you tablet 1-2 years instead of 3-4 years. Well you can always use #Linux, or get an Apple....

    First time testing
       1. Installation - took 4 hours to upgrade (laptop)
       2. Start menu - tad bit confusing
       3. Testing Edge Browser (replaces Internet Explorer) - WOW - super fast, very surprised on this one. 

    4. Cortana - WHAT is that..... Cortana is the equivalent of Siri but on your computer. 
         Suppose to be cross devise friendly but I haven't tried it yet. VERDICT - not bad, a little confusing setting up.

    5.  Major flaw - Visual time error when unplugging electric from laptop.  No simple fix as of yet - HEY just don't unplug your laptop ha ha. It is only happening with AMD chips.  There is a lengthy fix, but I am waiting for now for a quick fix.  Not causing any other problems on the machine.

    6.  Another flaw - may not be a flaw to you.   The start button apps - you can not remove some of the apps like the Xbox app. 
         Kind of like  Apple you can not remove some of the apps off you your phone or ipad.  I really don't like not being in total control of my programs.

      TIP: Windows 10 can test you computer for illegal software and free it or remove it...

    7. Tested the browser edge for malware.  Sorry Edge did not compete very well with Chrome on this.  When I went to a site that pop ups up that great call now your computer has been infected.  Edge failed and Chrome blocked it.  I will be adding if possible a ad blocker to the browser and retest it.

    8.  Installing updates was just as bad as installing the upgrades. And the power issue still exists, which seems to be limited to HP products. 

    The difference between Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu

    Biggest difference is price - Windows 10  - $199.00 and Linux Ubuntu  - FREE
  • Ok the best part of Linux is virtually no malware or virus, where as Windows (we all now this one)
  • Windows is compatible with more software out there, Linux is not. 
  • Computers with Linux on them last about 3-5 years longer than any Windows based machine.
  • Windows is normally preinstalled, Linux you have to download create a dvd then install.
  • DVD's are hard to run on Linux as they need scripts added.  But who uses DVDs that much.

     Which one do I need -
  • If you are running a business switching from Windows to Linux could be time consuming.  And all your software will not work on Linux but in the end it might be cost effective.
  • If you just surf the web check email watch movies, type a few documents then Linux is for you.
  • If you run all your software online I would recommend Linux (check with the software vendors)
  • If you have an old machine - anything over 5 Years - hands down Linux, it will keep that machine running longer and much faster.
  •     Want help with choosing and installing.
    So if you are thinking of switching don't hesitate to give us a call.  Installing Linux Versus Windows will be $50.00 to $100.00 cheaper.



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