AIO COMPUTER Router Firmware Update

  Router Firmware Update  

     Updating your Routers Firmware to fix internet connection and speed issues.

1.  The easiest way to fix internet issues is by updating your routers firmware.

  Updating the router firmware will help a router work better and even repair bugs and make faster internet speeds. Especially when a router reset doesn't help.

Download the firmware from the vendor's support website, or Log into the router's web interface, then navigate to the section where you can update the firmware. This is normally in the Administration, System, Setup, Advance or Tools area.

Click on Update or Upload then wait for a few minutes for the process to complete.

Note that the update process needs to run without interruption. If you unplug/turn off the router during this time, that can render the device unusable.

Many routers have the automatic firmware update function within the web interface. Just run this function, let the router download the firmware and update by itself.




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