AIO COMPUTER Cloud Backup Tips

  Google Tricks you should know about  

Just search within a specific website  thru google:  
    "site:" cat   Type exactly, replace yoursite with site you want to search and replace cat.

 ☻ Search exact word or phrase:  
      "your word"   Type exactly, replace your word with what you want to search exactly.

Remove a word or phrase from search:  
      dog -pit   Type your word with what you want to search for and what you want to omit in search next to the minus sign.

Define a word thru google:  
    "define:" computer   Type exactly, replace computer with a word you want the definition for.

Look up related word   
    ~bright   - Just add the tilde ~ next to the number 1 on keyboard

Compare anything   
    "cows milk vs almond milk"   - Just use the vs and the quotes.

Search only in titles   
    intitle:red bird   - This will only search in the titles of websites.

Track your package    
    tracking number   - Just type the tracking number in google and you will get the package location.


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