AIO COMPUTER Cloud Backup Tips

  Back-up to the cloud removing the fear  

Taking the fear away from backing up your data in the cloud. Backing up data on the cloud is one of the
most feared things to do and most of you are not willing to do this.

So let's take the fear away.....

You are 100% more safe backing up to the cloud than leaving your data on your computer. WHY -

1. - It is very simple to hack, drop malware or virus on your computer.It is difficult to hack a server
that is 10 times more protected than your PC. With data encryption on your files even before it leaves
your computer for the cloud your data is safe.

2. - Your hard drive crashes and is not accessible - your stuff is now gone forever. Data loss is more
prevalent on your computer than on the cloud, as they backup up the servers daily and servers have backups
of the servers at a data center as well. If your still worried of losing data backup also to a external
hard drive once in a while....

3. A lot of storage online is free and some very low cost. Leaving a lot of pictures and data on your
computer is not free or low cost. For one if you have years of pictures and documents this uses space and
space being utilized on a computer uses not only the space but the resources to store them and view them.
This can wear down parts, slow down your machine and ultimately you have to replace your machine (not
cheap). If stored on the cloud you are NOT using any of your computers space or resources. If you viewing
your pictures on the cloud say like Google Photos you are only using 2 things from your computer one a
browser and two the internet connection. The more we do online the longer our computers will last.

An example: If you use Office 360 online, Quickbooks online, Watch movies online, Email only online,
store all you photos online. How much life can you expect when utilizing online storage and software.
Well hello Apple - A windows machine can last over 10 years when you use as little as possible of the
hardware resources.


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